The Interactive Parade Program is Here!

Parade Cloud is revolutionizing the parade industry. Not only have we developed the world’s first and only online parade program that allows busy parade committees to organize a parade in half the time, we have now introduced probably the most valuable feature: our Interactive Parade Program.

This feature provides thousands of parade spectators an amazing parade experience. As the parade passes, they can learn more about the unit in front of them by reading their bio, clicking their webpage link, and enter a giveaway.

This also allows the units to extend their message and brand to thousands of people in a more effective way.

First tested in Annandale’s 4th of July Parade, local businesses have claimed an immediate increase in calls and business days after the parade. They have also claimed they are excited about next year’s possibilities.

Check out Annandale’s Interactive Parade Program here.

Check out today to see how you can make your parade the best ever!

Parade Cloud Open for Business

By Dwight Gunnarson, Founder of

On March 1, 2012, opened for business. Parade Cloud is the world’s first and only tool to help the already busy volunteer organize a local parade. This includes providing an online registration tool, communication tools, staging and line up features, and preparing budgets.

I’ve personally been involved with our local parade in Annandale for most of my life. In fact, I grew up on our parade route. Therefore, I really didn’t have a choice. From a young age, I witnessed the most amazing marching bands and spectacles that you wouldn’t see anywhere else but at a parade. It also provided a unique and positive social gathering that brought most of the community together… …to our house.
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