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    Parade Cloud is a feature-packed online parade management solution designed for the busy local parade coordinator.

    Parade Organizers - Try It Now!
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    What is Parade Cloud?

    Parade Cloud is a perfect alternative to spreadsheets and paper applications that are cumbersome and take a lot of time to manage. With Parade Cloud, you manage your parades from any computer or mobile device.

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    How Can Parade Cloud Help You?

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    Reduce your parade organization time by half.

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    Parade Cloud makes it easy for your units to register online.

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    Our Interactive Parade Program creates an interactive experience for your spectators and allows your units to better convey their brand and message.

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    Your historical data makes future parade organization even easier and drastically assists in committee transitions.

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    Since converting to Parade Cloud we now have an extremely user friendly process that has eliminated more than 80% of the time prior dedicated to the manual process and we no longer have a budget dedicated to horrendous paper costs and postage. The Parade Cloud is so simple to operate that we switched the format 6-years ago without even a hiccup and have never looked back. The conversion has been the most significant change in our 40-year history as a parade and cannot express enough our gratitude for the service provided by Parade Cloud at a reasonable price.
    Jim Demares / Harper Creek Optimist Club

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