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  • Parade Cloud Features

    Parade Cloud is the first and only web-based program that offers the most customization with the most important features on the market. Below you will find some of our most popular features.

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    Online Registration

    Customize your online form to allow your units to easily register online. This eliminates cumbersome paper forms and the annoying download, sign, scan, and email process.

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    Interactive Parade Program

    Provide an interactive experience for your spectators that will keep them coming back year after year. This is huge in helping your units and sponsors spread their brand and message to potentially thousands of people.

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    Easy Line Up

    Drag and drop a single unit or a group of units to the exact location that you desire. This allows you to keep your noisy units away from each other and space your types (i.e. royalty, bands, political groups, etc.) appropriately.

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    Organize Units

    Organize your units by customizing the type with color code, noise level, vehicle, and/or staging area.

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    Track Volunteers

    Recruit your volunteers and assign them a custom duty.

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    Assign Tasks

    Create a tasks for you and your volunteers so you'll never miss a step.

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    Track Sponsors

    Track your sponsors and assign them to a unit or thank them by including them into the Interactive Parade Program.

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    Track Budget

    Stick to your budget by tracking entry fees, sponsorship's, paid units, and other expenses.

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    Keep Everyone Informed

    Keep your units, volunteers, or sponsors in the loop by sending them an email or create a group email to let everyone know.

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    Document Everything

    Our innovative tracking system records who did what and when. You'll always know what happened with our detailed parade journal.

    Straight-Forward Pricing


    Billed Annually

  • No contracts
  • Pay one low rate annually for each parade.
  • No help desk or cumbersome support tickets.
  • Dedicated account team included for training and support.